Simpler design. Fewer losses. Greater reliability.

Energy Storage is the holy grail for microgrids. Batteries are the first choice. However, to reliably transition over to an alternative energy source such as diesel back-up power or micro-turbines, the system needs to hold-up for 10-seconds to a couple minutes. Batteries are great long-term storage but over-designed to accommodate that short time period, providing peak power only. Similar to super-capacitors, GyroVerters either prolong battery life up to 400-% by taking the hit, reducing O&M costs, or eliminate the need for short term batteries storage entirely, substantially reducing power plant costs.

Unlike traditional flywheels and supercapacitors, GyroVerters...

  • improve reliability by eliminating electronics in the path, DC-link capacitors, and magnets
  • reduce losses with a simpler design without rectifiers, battery converters and inverters
  • simplify system design by connecting the same way as an inverter does

Integrating GyroVerters is easy:


A modular design integrates AC and DC power conversion along with micro energy storage.