Turbo-GyroVerters improve diesel power plant efficiency

Turbochargers have been known for decades to improve fuel effciency. Turbocharger-generators do even more and convert the exhaust waste stream into electrons, adding up to 8% greater power to the genset output. Unlike conventional turbocharger generators, Turbo-GyroVerters store energy and act instantly as a motor to accelerate the turbo and provide nearly instant boost when called upon - without large electronic cabinets and conduit between engine and controller. By eliminating turbo lag and ensuring reciprocal engines always run the right air-fuel ratio, natural-gas or methane-powered engine gensets improve regulation and uptime. Based on current economic conditions of heavy fuel oil (HFO) and electricity tariffs, Turbo-GyroVerters could:

  • Nearly double 10-year ROI
  • Provide up to one year earlier payback
  • Gain carbon tax incentives by reducing up to 8% of NOx and GHG emissions

Financial Modeling: Double 10-yr ROI

Diesel ROI