GyroVerters ride through brown-outs at full-power

Unstable power grids, intermittend solar and wind resources, and islands powered by over-designed, high-maintenance, and less efficient reciprocal (e.g. Diesel and LNG) engines, are still inadequate to handle demanding cyclic loads. Pump motors, HVAC or gas compressors, and aeration blowers put a significant strain on traditional, even over-designed, generator systems. This causes premature failures and increases Opex costs due to downtime and replacement costs. Unlike super-capacitor based systems, GyroVerters offer the most compact, high-reliability power solution without electronics between the source and the load, at 40-times greater energy density.

    a) Battery-free and inverter-less solar and wind energy stabilization
    b) 8-% more fuel efficiency and emissions reduction for Diesel power plants
    c) Up to 400-% more battery life extension, 50-% less battery capacity requirement

GyroVerter Reliability Improvement