Nanogrids - Independence from Utilities

Our 100-year old electrical grid is tasked with increasing energy demands, and exposes us to rolling black-outs, poor power quality at the end of the line, and ever increasing demand charges, just for having power available "in case". Demand smarter solutions:
GyroVerters buffer and clean-up dirty power in a mechanical capacitor, large enough to help a transition from conventional grid-power to back-up power solutions such as micro-turbines, diesels, or fuel cells. Or back-up hybrid solar microgrids to battery storage, reducing battery capacity and cost by up to half. When peak power is needed, GyroVerters deliver. When easing the battery into power delivery, battery life cycle improves up to 400-%, while demand charges from the utility are minimized.

  • Save costly inventory and laboratory batches, work-in-progress
  • Be ready for outages and disasters when the utility is not
  • Take control of your factory's electricity bill.

The Shock Absorber for the Grid

Shockabsorber for the Grid

GyroVerters are mechnical capacitors, stabilizing intermittent supply and demanding power needs.