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infiniRel - infiswift technologies collaboration, Inverter Health Scanner Technology Demo

Bert Wank, founder & CEO of infiniRel Corporation, says about the collaboration "infiniRel selected infiswift for its high computational efficiency when applying its IoT+AI fabric to our high quality data sets. In contrast to lengthy and intensive compute tasks for traditional Big Data applications, only fast and actionable results provide an immediate advantage to our Energy Service Provider clients. First results can be seen in the video. Together we make a meaningful impact on the solar industry by avoiding unexpected maintenance costs using our patented Inverter Health Scanning technology".  Jay Srinivasan, infiswift’s CTO, added “infiswift has been excited to provide real and immediate value to infiniRel’s award-winning solution because it calls on our core expertise that complements the infiniRel team, addresses a growing pain point for the renewable energy industry”.

infiniRel has recently been awarded a $150,000 CalSEED grant from the California Energy Commission and competes as a finalist for the $500,000 grand prize of the American Made Solar challenge, an NREL-administered innovative program created by the Department of Energy to advance renewable energies.

Andreas Schneider | 11/19/2020

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