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  • Winner of the 2020 Monterey Bay Startup Challenge and new client of White Summers Caffee & James, LLP, Tom Armstrong

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  • infinRel wins 2020 Startup Challenge Monterey Bay Venture Division

    By winning the 2020 Startup Challenge Monterey Bay Venture Division infiniRel Corporation earns the next significant recognition in its endavour to improve the attractiveness of renewable energies. Our lives are increasingly electrified and infiniRel's technologies will help improve the reliability of power electronics, which have become a critical element of many industrial, communications and transportation solutions. 

    Andreas Schneider | 05/18/2020

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    Winner in Start-up Monterey Bay 2020 Challenge, May 2020

    Winner DoE Prize: American-Made Solar Challenge, Feb 2020

    Cleantech Open Finalist 2010

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