GyroVerters capture, clean, and connect distributed energy sources

Emerging markets will power global growth over the next 20 years, a $31 Trillion Dollar economy. Energy is a critical component of this growth. Since 2016, India has increased diesel consumption by 7.5%.  When Diesel and natural gas generators for power production are more efficient, remote communities, mining operations, and industrial complexes benefit from lower operating costs - and cleaner air.
When hybridized with solar and batteries, GyroVerters enable a cost-efficienct transition from a fossil-fueled to a sustainable economy.

Optimizing energy availability, reliability and affordability through simplicity

  • Improves power plant ROI - Increased fuel efficiency and emission compliance
  • Simple and adaptable - Delivers clean AC and DC power from variable input sources
  • Greater reliability, fewer losses - Eliminates devices for a more efficient use of energy
  • Very compact - 10x higher power density over inverters or super-capacitors

A Shockabsorber for the Micro-grid(TM)


The most reliable way to convert and store energy without rare earth magnets and inverters.