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Reliability-as-a-Service (RaaS)

At any given time in the life cycle of your PV plant we offer you a complete health check up of your inverters. The health score of each inverter will lead to specific operations and maintenance recommendations for each inverter. The predictive maintenance will help you avoid unexpected failures, on one hand increasing uptime and energy generation of your PV plant and on the other decreasing significantly the inverter operations cost. Furthermore, you will be able to extend inverter life and repower at a much later stage as your actual reality looks like. Ultimately, the revenue and profitability of your PV plant will increase over the remaining life cycle of the asset.

Through our multi-year service agreements, spanning over the lifetime of the PV plant, predictive maintenance will evolve into prescriptive maintenance. Our technology applies Machine Learning and AI to our proprietary inverter health scan data to help you reach maximum plant efficiency.

  • Regular check ups

    • Proprietary high impact quality data

    • Predictive → Prescriptive Maintenance

  • 24/7 intervention capability

  • Independent O&M consulting



Owning & Operating a PV plant

Do you want to improve inverter performance in your plant?

The sooner in your PV plant lifecycle you start using our services the more renewable energy the asset will produce and the more profitable it will be throughout its existence.


Buying a solar asset

Are you buying a solar asset and want to know the real status of the inverters, the heart of the PV plant?

We will help you assess the risks you are buying.


Building a PV plant

Planning a new PV plant the O&M strategy should include from the start infiniRel's Reliability-as-a-Service (RaaS) for short, mid- and long term improved sustainability of the solar asset.


O&M strategy

As independent and manufacturer agnostic consultants we help you improve your O&M strategy leading to more profitable asset management


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