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Renewable Energy Investors

Sandia National Labs reported in 2018 that 89% of utility solar plant failures, are related to inverters.

The operation and maintenance costs for inverters can be as high as 500% of what was budgeted. This is driving up solar plant O&M costs and eroding investors ROI. Now you can mitigate the risk failing inverters cause for the profitability on your current and future solar energy investments.

Key Issue

Inverter performance is the most important driver of solar project profitability. Within an operating Photovoltaic Solar Plant, inverters are responsible for more operational functions than any other PV system component. When inverters fail the entire solar plant produces less energy – or none at all. The associated unscheduled maintenance costs compound financial losses. 
The Inverter Health Scanner works similar to an EKG measuring the heartbeat signature of a patient. Proprietary signal-processing technology combined with machine learning extracts a health signature from the noise on the power grid.  A change of the health signature indicates inverter degradation and component stress well before it fails. Each solar plants unique failure risks are assessed in minutes by noninvasive measurement with our portable infiniPad field test equipment. 
We can further reduce operational risk with infiniPod, a stationary tool which acts as a pacemaker for the inverter. This innovative health diagnostics and control system improves performance, optimizes maintenance and extends life. Critical assets are protected with patented, predictive diagnostics thus improving efficiency and profitability.

The Solution

Connecting Dots

Our Process

Power Inverter operator
  • Coordinate test sequence
    during routine O&M briefing

  • Add test to O&M work flow

    • Safely take inverter off-line

    • Attach current sensors

Measurement Process
  • Restart inverter

  • Run test sequence (5-10min)

  • Safely return inverter to service

Receive Actionable Analytics
  • Signature Analysis

    • Marginal Stability

    • Degradation

    • System Instability 

  • Allowing Real-Time Response

    • 24/7 Supervision 

    • Power Throttling 

    • Soft Shutdown


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