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Solar Plant Operators

infiniRel Provides Solutions for Critical Industry Issues

59% of PV O&M costs are attributed to inverter failure," Sandia National Labs

As solar plant operators, you have seen the systematic, technical, and business challenges the solar industry has faced over the last decade. Inverter failure is emerging as the critical issues for today’s industry. 

The Challenge

Increasing inverter operation and maintenance costs, which can be as high as 500% of what was budgeted, are driving up solar plant O&M costs. 
  • Aging Fleet of Inverters:  In 2017 Power-Technology reported that 176-GW of Global inverter capacity was 5-yrs of age. That number continues to increase. 

  • Fail Without Warning:  Failures can occur within thousandths of a second without any discernible warning signs. 

  • Out-of-Warranty: Either the inverter failure is not covered by the existing warranty or the inverter is already beyond warranty coverage. Many failures happen outside of warranty schemes and significantly increase the cost of operations. Even worse, when inverter manufacturers go bankrupt and jeopardize the supply chain.

  • Predictive Maintenance: Measures electronic signatures with highly sensitized equipment that can detect potential problems before they occur.

  • Timely Analytics: Provides real-time guidance that is as simple as a stoplight and as convenient as an App.

All Clear for Normal Operation

Corrective Action to Extend Inverter Life 

Prevent Meltdown, Restart Service Safely

  • Proven and patented: 
    U.S. patent US9,880,228B2, 2018.
    European patents issued in DE, ES, FR, IT, and UK.

PowerBrain diagram

The Solution

Connecting Dots

Our Process

Power Inverter operator
  • Coordinate test sequence
    during routine O&M briefing

  • Add test to O&M work flow

    • Safely take inverter off-line

    • Attach current sensors

Measurement Process
  • Restart inverter

  • Run test sequence (5-10min)

  • Safely return inverter to service

Receive Actionable Analytics
  • Signature Analysis

    • Marginal Stability

    • Degradation

    • System Instability 

  • Allowing Real-Time Response

    • 24/7 Supervision 

    • Power Throttling 

    • Soft Shutdown


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