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Clean Tech Investors

Our Strategic Vision

Our lives are increasingly electrified and power electronics has become a critical element of many industrial, communications, and transportation solutions.

The Future

Airtaxi 720
E-Mobility has become pervasive, not only on the ground, but will also conquer the skies. Autonomous vehicles include heavy trucks, heavy-lift drones, cargo drones, and eventually air taxis. All these vehicles require reliable power to become economic successes and to safeguard lives.
Drone services have been forecasted to reach $127-Bn. in revenues by 2025. The cost of the infrastructure and systems to support such explosive growth is substantial. Its risk must be managed, insured, and asset life must exceed the amortization period. infiniRel is well positioned to support those markets as they evolve with proprietary, hardware-enabled services. What the above products have in common is critical reliance on battery power and power electronics to convert energy to the right level.
PowerBrain technology is our first market-ready technology that is also applicable to battery energy storage systems (BESS).  Hybrid solar energy plants and Microgrids are only one of the many industries that use BESS. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging also relies on power electronics and battery systems. Continuing reduction in fast-charge times increases stress on power electronic components and batteries.
Traditional safety-critical systems use built-in redundancy to provide security against failures that could cost lives and damage property. Redundancy multiplies cost, size, weight, and complexity. If industries could predict failure in these systems and prevent it with a knowledge-based system,  the savings would be enormous. Our process moves BESS towards “infinite reliability” without the cost, size, and complexity of a redundant power architecture.





Our GyroVerter technology will capitalize on these megatrends and utilize our PowerBrain predictive diagnostics internally. GyroVerters convert mechanical to electrical energy and vice-versa. They store enough energy to extend the life of batteries: Yoga for batteries. Join our mission to cost-effectively convert traditional solar plants into hybrid solar plants that are battery agnostic and reduce both CapEx and OpEx. This product is currently under development.
GyroVerters are our bridge from the solar economy to the electric mobility space. As a micro-flywheel, the GyroVerter has favorable properties to be the central energy management device for electric vehicles. Similar to a shock absorber for the power, GyroVerters benefit both battery or hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles by replacing an array of super-capacitors as a short term energy storage solution that is smaller and lighter.


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