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We Make Clean Energy Reliable

Our Proprietary High Definition Data Enables Predictive Analysis

Let Our Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Electrification shifts the reliability burden from centralized generators to decentralized Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs). At the heart of each renewable energy plant, sensitive electronics inside of inverters pump clean energy to the grid thousands of times per second. Our EKG™, Energy Kardio Graph™, ensures you know the health of each of your inverters, and receive an alert of an impending inverter failure long before disaster strikes.


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Are you ready to improve the profitability of your renewable energy plant?

Contact us today to assess the business improvement opportunity specific to your renewable energy asset. Our technology-enabled service for solar plants, wind turbines parks, battery energy storage systems, and EV fast chargers provides the level of detail of inverters in operation, down to a micro-second level, not seen before – the speed of electronics. Even inverter manufacturers cannot provide the level of granularity, that only a high-performance analytics system such as infiniRel’s EKG is able to offer today. We provide an independent source of data that cannot be sourced from anywhere else. Are you ready to see the truth? Reliability-as-a-Service, at your service.

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