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Solar Plant Operators

O&M Solutions for Energy Service Providers (ESP) and independent Power Producers (IPP). Learn more

Renewable Energy Investors

Explore our innovative patented technology to minimize risk and maximize ROI. Learn more

Aging Inverters Threaten Solar Power Plant Profitability

An aging fleet of inverters that can fail without warning threatens the profitability of suppliers and energy service providers. They have already caused a series of costly litigations and bankruptcies. Learn more

Increasing Costs and Decreasing Prices Demand Innovative Solutions

Reduced energy prices and increased operations and maintenance costs, which are forecasted to double by 2024, are driving down investors ROI. It's essential to reduce O&M costs by mitigating inverter risk. Learn More

Inverter Health Scanning Technology Protects Your Investment.

Protect your investment with infiniRel's proven and patented Predictive Inverter Maintenance Technology. Other available systems only monitor and report. Powerbrain's service, enabled by breakthrough propriety hardware, predicts inverter failures and offers intervention strategies in real-time to prevent meltdowns. Learn more

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Solar Plant Operators

We overcome time and cost constraints by testing on live equipment under actual operating conditions, integrating with existing maintenance processes. Learn More

Clean Tech Investors

Our scalable innovations will provide energy solutions for future technologies including hybrid-electric propulsion systems for cargo drones and air taxis. Learn More