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infiniRel Chosen for mHUB Climate and EnergyTech Accelerator

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

mHUB Announces Portfolio Teams of Climate and EnergyTech Accelerator for Early-Stage HardTech Startups

Startups to participate in the Chicago-based program are developing technologies across sectors such as renewable energy, energy storage, carbon capture, and hydrogen.

CHICAGO – (June 9, 2022) mHUB, one of the nation’s leading independent HardTech and manufacturing innovation centers, has selected eight ClimateTech and EnergyTech startups for investment through its Product Impact Fund I and to participate in its 6-month, hands-on accelerator. Teams will move from around the world to participate in the program and access mHUB’s state-of-the-art facilities for prototyping and product development.

Supported by Nicor Gas and Invenergy, the program’s industry partners helped evaluate and select the eight participating startups. They will provide mentorship and access to the teams over the course of the program and have the opportunity to make initial investments after month three. Community partner Evergreen Climate Innovations will provide additional programming and industry access, and Perkins Coie will provide legal programming, resources, and office hours.

The selected cohort features high-potential early-stage ventures focused on commercializing disruptive solutions in renewable energy, hydrogen, carbon capture, energy storage, and energy management.

“The current climate crisis is dramatically changing the energy generation landscape as well as consumption behavior worldwide. Consumers, companies, governments, and investors are looking for new and optimized technologies that reduce, avoid, or capture carbon emissions,” said Thierry Van Landegem, Executive Director, mHUB Climate and EnergyTech Accelerator. “By bringing together these early-stage startups with the necessary hardtech expertise, funding, and collaboration with leading corporations in the field, we’re able to ensure the acceleration of their impact globally.”

In alphabetical order, cohort teams include:

  • blip energy (Evanston, IL) defining a new category of smart home batteries by leveraging second-life batteries to create an affordable, accessible, portable power station that works in any home

  • Hago Energetics (Los Angeles, CA) generating green hydrogen from waste materials

  • Icarus RT (San Diego, CA) a hybrid cogeneration plus storage system that cools PV panels to improve performance and stores heat to provide hot water

  • infiniRel (Santa Cruz, CA) developing preventive diagnostics to improve output, efficiency and reliability of power electronics for renewable energy

  • Kazadi Enterprises (Batavia, IL) reducing the cost and carbon footprint of commercial refrigeration by leveraging the vast energy resources in environmental heat

  • nexTC (Corvallis, OR) developing thin film coatings for solar cells to improve efficiency and lower cost

  • OXTO Energy (Guilford, UK) designing and manufacturing the next generation of safe, high-power and low-cost flywheel batteries

  • Sandbox Carbon (Chicago, IL) producing high quality carbon offsets by direct air capture of carbon dioxide

The Climate and EnergyTech cohort is the third cohort of mHUB’s accelerator program launched in 2020. The program was founded to address the specific barriers of bringing a HardTech solution to market; mainly, the ability to rapidly prototype and scale and connect with investors who realize the upside of disruptive hardware solutions.

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