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infiniRel Poised to Advance Renewable Energy Future

Bert Wank, CEO of infiniRel, and Joshua Dorfman, President of American Wire Group, at mHUB Chicago Hardtech Accelerator

In this update:

  • Climate bill clears path for renewables

  • mHUB hardtech accelerator investment

  • New relationship with leading energy and infrastructure company in renewables

  • infiniRel’s upcoming exhibit at largest U.S. solar conference

  • New VP Software Engineering

Now that President Biden has signed the 369-billion dollar climate tech bill, the largest climate bill in history, our clients are posed to participate in the United States’ unprecedented push to power the future with renewables. This momentum follows infiniRel receiving an investment from mHUB, the Chicago hardtech accelerator.

With this month’s significant investment from the family fund of American Wire Group (AWG), infiniRel is strategically positioned to advance a clean energy future. AWG is a market leader in power cables for renewable energy plants. Both AWG and infiniRel will exhibit at Solar Power International, the largest conference and exhibition for solar energy in the United States. Come see us there in Anaheim, California, September 19- 22.

A warm welcome for our newest addition to the team, Marco Marazzi, our VP Software Engineering. Marco will lead our IT and cloud infrastructure build-out to analyze and commercialize the data we produce via the cloud. His prior work on architecture for a cloud solution resulted in an exit for a Chicago Investment firm.

Our next to hire is a data scientist/AI engineer that will help automate the analysis of data we have extracted from several solar utility scale plants. This will allow us to efficiently replicate the process with several clients that are eagerly awaiting our service.

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