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Reducing Waste in Green Energy

infiniRel is able to significantly increase the sustainability of renewable energy plants by extending the life of an essential component, the inverter.

Maintaining, instead of replacing inverters, reduces waste in the green energy industry.

The results:

  • Reduced toxic electronic waste in landfills.

  • Less pollution from manufacturing large pieces of equipment most often in countries, like China, where very little if any environmental protections are in place.

  • Less greenhouse gas coming from container ships bringing inverters overseas and trucks transporting them to their final location.

Stop the Waste of Renewable Energy

Our technology also reduces waste of the clean energy being produced. Inverters are the heart of the renewable energy plant. When inverters fail, solar panels, wind turbines and batteries are unable to deliver the power they produce to the grid. That power vacuum must be filled by power generated using fossil fuel. Eighty-nine percent of the maintenance requests at solar plants involve an inverter this tells you how massive the problem is. They are the main contributing factor to huge overruns in the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) budgets at solar plants.

The supply chain crisis has made this problem even worse by delaying the replacement inverters and parts many times over. A group of solar panels used to lose a few months of production waiting for parts, now they can be off-grid up to a year from a single inverter meltdown or failure.

infiniRel extends the productive life of the solar panels, by keeping them online for a higher percentage of their overall life.

infiniRel’s Energy Saving EKG Scanner

We increase the up-time of inverters with our EKG Inverter Health Scanner. Using our EKG technology and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms we are able to detect which inverters are having health issues, diagnose those problems and recommended the appropriate maintenance protocol. Parts can be ordered and service preformed completely avoiding the extended downtime that currently wastes revenue and energy.

Saving Revenue Leads To More Renewable Energy

Reducing O&M cost creates a higher ROI for Clean Tech Investors. The funds that would have been wasted replacing existing equipment become available to add additional solar and wind power plants. By delivering increased performance to clean energy investors, we also make those investments more attractive to other investors.

Our technology adds to the net gain in clean energy production, and reliability, and helps keep costs under control . This helps keep the costs for green energy down. Consumers and our environment benefit.

To achieve sustainability, we must make the most efficient use of all our resources and this means fully using what we have. infiniRel makes it more cost-efficient to extend the life of the existing solar plant, rather than design a new plant with new equipment. Waste is reduced, and ROI is increased.

You Can Help by Investing in infiniRel

For more information about infiniRel and how anyone can invest in our groundbreaking technology, link here.

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