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About Us

Our History

The infiniRel team brings together industry veterans from the semiconductors, telecom, solar, and automotive segments. Individuals who have demonstrated major achievements in their sectors by advancing technologies and business processes through leadership, including executive leadership roles. The team has dedicated their last decade to improving the renewable energy industry, providing the company with a strong understanding of reliability, global experience, and a combination of technical, supply chain operations, and business in the green economy.

Who We Are and What We Do

infiniRel improves the profitability of utility scale solar plants by assessing operational efficiencies and extending the life critical assets, electronics, such as inverters and battery energy storage systems.

Renewable Energy Service Providers, Independent Power Producers, and Renewable Energy Investors will benefit from risk mitigation, lower cost, and greater profitability through our technology-enabled service, when our process for infinite Reliability is applied to their Operations and Maintenance teams. 

infiniRel is a technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our mission is to make renewable energy available, reliable, and affordable - at any time. All the time.

Operators benefit from a value-priced business model that offers maximum availability of inverters. The telecom industry offered “5-nines” of up-time, or 99.999% of the time. The automotive industry measures failure rates in parts per million, ppm.

We bring telecom uptime with automotive reliability to the renewable energy market.

The Team

Bert Wank

Founder & CEO

Jim Gagnard

Independent Board Member

Carrie Nikitin

Advisor Business Strategy

Andreas Schneider

Advisor, CMO-in-Residence

Manas Mehandru

Board Observer

Jerry Walker

Technical Advisor

Marco Marazzi

VP Software Engineering

Joshua Dorfman


Charles Nunu



Bert, Andreas, Marco and Charles are all alumni of Thunderbird School of Global Management, each received their MBA in International Business in different years. Thunderbird, America's first school of international trade was established in 1946.  Arizona State University acquired the school in 2014. 

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